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Alessandra Girardo joined Gartner's Value in Action webinar

Kirey Group


    Alessandra Girardo, C.O.O. of Kirey Group joined "Value in Action: Successfully Lead and Generate Demand in Times of Crisis" Gartner's webinar.

    During the Panel Discussion:"Tech CEO Examples of Overcoming Challenges and Growing Business" Alessandra and other C-levels of international IT realities, discussed how Gartner has supported their companies, helping them to follow a growth path.
    During the webinar, users could listen and understand:

    • Case studies of how Gartner provides value to organizations.
    • How to deal with critical issues.
    • How to become innovators in your sector.

    Thanks to a clear and impartial vision of the situation, of its strengths and the challenges known to face, Kirey Group is considered by Gartner a positive example of solidity and innovation.

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