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How data governance can transform digital banking

Kirey Group


    How data governance can transform digital banking

    Data governance: why data management is the key to gaining a competitive advantage in banking by Ter...

    17 June 2022

    Managing network risk to maximize service availability

    Your company relies on technology to provide services to its customers. But what if something goes w...

    27 April 2022

    Kirey Group and IP Fabric sponsor Richmond's Cyber Resilience Forum

    Kirey Group is a sponsor of the Richmond’s Cyber Resilience Forum: one of the largest annual gatheri...

    5 April 2022

    Kirey Group is CISCO AppDynamics Titan Partner

    The longstanding partnership uniting  Kirey Group and CISCO AppDynamics has reached a new milestone ...

    30 March 2022

    Network Infrastructure Security: how vulnerable is your network?

    For the record, adding a firewall to your network is no longer enough to declare it secure.

    30 March 2022

    Kirey Group collaborates with Supernovae Labs to accelerate the digital technological innovation of the Finance sector

    The two companies will explore together new paths to generate value and innovation and respond to th...

    21 February 2022

    Network Performance Monitoring: Kirey Group’s new solution on Elastic Platform

    Kirey Group has defined and tested an innovative solution for the collection, monitoring and graph o...

    11 February 2022

    Kirey Group has been listed as a Representative Vendor in 2021 Gartner ® Market Guide for Data and Analytics Governance Platforms

    Kirey Group's method and DG Suite included in this report among other 40 Representative Vendors.

    31 January 2022

    Bridge Consulting | Kirey Group sponsor at Oracle Coop Day 2022

    Open Innovation and Digital Transformation: how Data drive Business Strategies

    12 January 2022

    Kirey Group is 51st in IDC's Top 100 IT Software and Services

    This year Kirey Group has been included in the Top 100 ranking elaborated by IDC Italia and publishe...

    15 December 2021