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Database Monitoring boosts the success of finance companies

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    Redgate’s Database Monitoring Report 2020 revealed that financial services companies are leading the way in adopting Devsecops and Database Monitoring tools

    For industries such as financial services, health and IT, it is increasingly important to identify and resolve real-time performance issues and to supervise the timing of services on the network. In this way, when an accident occurs, it is possible to explore its details, investigate the cause, intervene and remedy immediately before the impact can hurt users.

    The results of the Database Monitoring Report 2020

    The Database Monitoring Report 2020 is clear: 61% of financial services companies implement database changes once a week or more, compared to 43% of other sectors, while 52% implement them several times a day or a week, compared to 35% of other sectors. In this way, operational and/or performance problems are detected earlier and restored faster. Specifically, 49% of them are detected within 10 minutes; 32% is detected and resolved within 10 minutes (which varies between 24% and 39% of the other sectors).

    There is another interesting fact that emerges from the report: companies that significantly adopt third-party monitoring tools, reporting a 28% reduction in Mean Time To Detection (MTTD) distribution problems and a 22% reduction in the meantime to recovery (MTTR).

    This can be reported in the same way in other areas of IT where the use of monitoring tools increasingly helps the reduction of the times of restoration of service. A further improvement in the analysis of data comes from a shared approach and a related analysis of data also with innovative techniques based on artificial intelligence.

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    Our vision  for Monitoring at Techjobdays 2020

    Even though technologies are fundamental to the success of a company, people continue to play an importantrole: IT profiles are the most requested at the moment.

    With this awareness, Kirey Group participated in TechjobDay 2020, a virtual event perfect for meeting IT professionals, developers and students looking for new opportunities and new projects.

    Elena Fasolo, intervene with the webinar "SMART monitoring: from data to information" to explain the approach of Kirey Group to the theme of monitoring. 

    Thanks to the preset and customizable alerts, you can identify trends, prevent frequent problems and view priority problems with metrics on performance, security, availability, user access.

    This information is also essential for agile development of new applications/services and continuously improving production processes according to the Devsecops model.

    Monitoring and DevSecOps for continuous improvement of the deployment process

    Once the distributions are automated, it is necessary to ensure that everything in production works as expected. Database Monitoring allows you to identify whether distributions can cause performance problems and return development feedback, to create a virtuous Devsecops cycle aimed at continuous improvement of deployment. It allows you to find and solve problems faster and to integrate database development and management teams.

    But that’s not all: the Redgate Report also revealed that migration and integration with the Cloud is the biggest challenge that the financial services sector will face in the next 12 months: already in 39% of finance companies there are databases in the Cloud.

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    By Francesco Guzzo, DevOps & Automation Manager