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Incontro Devops Italia 2020: Kirey Group sponsor at the Online Event

Kirey Group


    Kirey Group is sponsor of the eighth edition of Incontro DevOps Italia: one of the largest Italian and international events dedicated to the IT world.

    Online event
    21th - 22th October
    10.30 – 18.00

    The event Incontro DevOps Italia aims to face all the new challenges in the Devops field by bringing together professionals, CTO, Devops engineer and IT manager.

    Topics will be:

    • Continuous Delivery
    • Cloud
    • Microservices
    • Automation
    • Testing
    • Big Data
    • Containerization
    • Data Center Operating Systems
    • Software Operability
    • IT operating models
    • IT Operations.

    What will be the role of Kirey Group?

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    During the two days we will always be present with our virtual booth for technical insights, networking, exchange of ideas and one-to-one meetings to present job opportunities.
    Giacomo Tonucci, Senior Consultant – Middleware, on the day of Thursday, October 22, at 16.15-17.00, will intervene with the speech "Introduction to Service Mesh for Devops" to explain how it is possible to have visibility and control of communications between distributed services and make application infrastructures fast, reliable and secure.

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    Introduction to Service Mesh for DevOps

    Every new service that is added to an application, every new instance of an existing service executed in a container, makes more complex the space in which the communication happens and introduces new possible errors.
    Locating where problems have occurred within a complex microservice architecture is almost impossible without the presence of a service mesh.

    The Service Mesh, in fact, is able to acquire every aspect of communication from service to service in the form of performance parameters. For example, in the event that a service does not work properly, a service mesh can collect data on the time elapsed before another attempt is successful. By aggregating data on the error times of a given service, it is possible to write rules that determine the optimal waiting times before trying that service again, ensuring that the system is not overloaded by unnecessary attempts.

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    What are the advantages for companies?

    Adopting Devops solutions means developing new services and applications with agility.
    ⇒ Faster time-to-market
    Automation at every stage
    Observability of communications
    ⇒ Infrastructure security
    Cost reduction.

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