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Kirey Group and Cervelli Ribelli host “Cyber Rebel”, the first meeting between young autistic people and cybersecurity world

Kirey Group


    Next April 2, on World Autism Awareness Day, we will be at Fondazione Cervelli Ribelli to meet young men and women with autism spectrum disorders who are passionate about cybersecurity.

    On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day, Sunday, April 2, 2023, together with Fondazione Cervelli Ribelli Onlus, we have organized "Cyber Rebel", a one-day event involving young people with autism spectrum disorders to introduce them to the reality of Kirey Group. The participants will be able to meet some experts from the Cybersecurity area, who will explain to them the career opportunities in cybersecurity. In addition, they will have the opportunity to test themselves in a selection process conducted by Kirey Group's Recruiting team, prepared for the proper reception of neurodivergent people thanks to specific training conducted by Dr. Federica Giammello, psychologist and psychotherapist.

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    The recruiting process

    Fondazione Cervelli Ribelli Onlus, founded by Gianluca Nicoletti in 2020 as an evolution of the experience of Insettopia Onlus, has moved to extend the invitation all over Italy, through different associations, in contact with autistic people aged between 18 and 29: this opportunity is open to all those who have an aptitude for the use of IT tools and curiosity towards a stimulating and evolving field such as cybersecurity.

    Those of them who will pass the first test on basic IT skills and a cognitive interview with the Recruiting Team will be able to attend the meeting in Rome, at the HubLab of Fondazione Cervelli Ribelli, via Tommaso Gulli, 3, for a day of mutual acquaintance and activities together with cybersecurity experts.



    Federica Boccardo and Gloria Buccilli of Kirey Group's HR team visiting HubLab of Rebel Brains in Rome. With them, Gianluca and Filippo Nicoletti, Fondazione Cervelli RIbelli Onlus.

    "Since 2019 we have been supporting the Cervelli Ribelli Onlus Foundation, Gianluca Nicoletti's initiatives, and every step of Cervelli Ribelli moved in the hope that every person with autism, through his or her talents, can walk the road that leads to an autonomous life," comments Alessandra Girardo, COO of Kirey Group. "Cyber Rebel is an opportunity for us to meet young people with autism that goes exactly in this direction.

    "For those of us who have been involved in the ongoing habilitation of people on the autistic spectrum since their early childhood years, it is a great challenge," adds Dr. Federica Giammello, clinical psychologist at Fondazione Cervelli Ribelli, "we are comforted to think that the destiny of many of them as adults may be to be able to gain the dignity of a job in line with their aptitudes and interests, a circumstance that is unfortunately very difficult to achieve due to the recurring prejudice against the potential of a neurodivergent mind.

    "For World Autism Awareness Day we are starting a concrete proposal to imagine a possible social and working dignity of adult autistic people," says Gianluca Nicoletti, journalist, father of Tommy, a 25-year-old autistic boy and president of Fondazione Cervelli Ribelli Onlus - let's try to imagine that many "rebel brains" forced to live as "ghosts" could be trained to cultivate certain aptitudes in the use of IT tools and thus also be protagonists of the evolution of digital civilization with a view to a path of real professional dignity."

    All those interested in joining the initiative can write an e-mail with their biographical data and a brief resume to the mailbox


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