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Kirey Group at the online event "Gli enti del welfare alla prova del cyber risk"

Kirey Group


    Kirey Group at the online event "Gli enti del welfare alla prova del cyber risk" organized by Mefop

    May 18th, 10.00 - 13.00

    The Cyber Risk, that is the risk of incurring economic - financial losses due to the occurrence of accidental events or malicious actions to the computer system (hardware, software, databases and so on) and activities to control this risk are a key priority for welfare workers and the European legislator.

    has required Pension Funds to identify and assess the risks inherent in the information system and to adopt IT security safeguards. There are similar security needs for other welfare workers, even in the absence of industry standards.

    Kirey Group will intervene at the seminar with the speach "Le sfide della Cybersecurity per i fondi pensione e gli enti del welfare" to talk about the ways in which it is possible to identify and manage cyber-type sources of risk, proposing operational solutions.

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    Our role

    Kirey Group developed a comprehensive, modular and flexible suite for administrative and financial management and application development in Welfare and social services.

    We support the Fund throughout its entire lifecycle: from the constitutive phase to the daily administration, up to the management of extraordinary operations such as mergers and incorporations.

    We can also integrate our Welfare & Social Services offering with additional services in the fields of Security, FinanceData Governance and Innovation, thanks to our different and innovative competences.

    The event will be streamed.


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