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Kirey Group collaborates with Supernovae Labs to accelerate the digital technological innovation of the Finance sector

Kirey Group


    The two companies will explore together new paths to generate value and innovation and respond to the current and future needs of banking institutions and Fintechs, developing innovative and customized solutions

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    Kirey Group, innovation provider that supports businesses in the digitalization journey, announces the collaboration with Supernovae Labsthe first accelerator in Italy for Fintech Startups dedicated to Banks and Financial Institutions.

    Kirey Group, as partner and provider, will share its experience of system integration and its technological approach, developed thanks to its experience with the main Italian banking companies, and the strong competences in terms of governance, data management, security and in the implementation of the solutions. Supernovae Labs will help the Group with its business advice focused on innovation, to identify new specific areas of the market where they can position together.

    Thanks to the collaboration, the two companies aim to confirm to be a significant reference point of financial institutions in our country, promoting more and more experimentation and development of fintech projects and providing specific answers to the technological innovation needs of the sector.

    Supernovae Labs was born as a small boutique of organizational consulting. Thanks to years of experience in the banking world of its founders and a deep understanding of the value of open banking, it wanted to focus on digital platforms that can help overcome problems and complexity.

    We look for start-ups on the market that can address the needs of financial institutions and help them promote innovation. The partnership with Kirey Group will help us to look even deeper into these needs and look to the future in developing new digital solutions

    explains Carlo Giugovaz CEO of Supernovae Labs.

    I am very confident of the goals we can achieve with Supernovae Labs. Our two companies have a common vision of what digital technological innovation means for finance. There are many synergies that we can explore and develop, both in terms of skills and customers.

    In this way, we will be able to give concrete technological answers, promoting experimentation on innovative issues that interest the banking world, such as the promotion of a constant and personalized dialogue between banks and customers, IT security and data enhancement."

    comments Andrea Lazzarino, Sales Director of Kirey Group.

    One of the specific areas of cooperation concerns the management of the relationship with customers by financial institutions.
    The progressive shift of customers towards digital channels sees today, as attested by BAI (Bank Administration Institute), 87% of consumers in the world now familiar with digital banking services, and are willing to continue to use them, even once the pandemic emergency is over. A trend that for traditional banks has implied an increasing competitive pressure and the need to optimize the relationship with the customer, starting from its needs and setting up a series of activities that add value in the relationship. Innovation, in this context, has a decisive role in creating new personalized relational paths, in particular with the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies.

    Banks need to talk to multiple customers and each has a different way of dealing with their bank.

    Together with Supernovae Labs, we are committed to simplifying processes and bringing banks closer to their customers. Artificial intelligence, in this context, helps companies to interact with each customer in a differentiated way

    adds Andrea Lazzarino, Sales Director of Kirey Group.


    A second innovation theme that will see Kirey Group working alongside Supernovae Labs from the beginning concerns the world of data and their enhancement. Banks hold and generate an important amount of data on a daily basis, and the ability to transform this data into information will be the key to creating a real competitive advantage. Thus, Artificial Intelligence and the future innovations put in place by Kirey Group and Supernovae Labs will play a key role, allowing finance companies to transform data into differentiating information also seizing its predictive value, thanks to the ability to "read the potential" of its customers, for example by promptly identifying the profiles at fraud risk or those more profitable to offer new services.


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