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ABI Banche e Sicurezza 2021: Kirey Group Golden Partner of the event in collaboration with Vmware - Carbon Black

Kirey Group


    Even this year Kirey Group is confirmed as official partner of ABI Eventi's Banks and Security.

    Online event
    May, 25th - 26th
    09.30 – 18.30

    The annual live-event online will be held on May 25 th and 26th, and it will be focused on how to deal with cyber and physical risk within the financial industry.

    Banks manage an infinite amount of data, and they have to ensure their customers protection from malicious use, operational stability and speed of execution

    It is essential to think in terms of cybersecurity and resilience by design through targeted strategies for each of these three key factors: people, technologies, suppliers and third parties.

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    Kirey Group and VMware – Carbon Black speakers at the event

    On Wednesday 26th May, 11.30 - 13.00, Kirey Group will speak in collaboration with VMware – Carbon Black during the session "Artificial intelligence applied to Cybersecurity: new approaches", thanks to its expertise in the field of Cybersecurity and Innovation.
    It will provide an overview of how AI is the only option to deal with new cyber threats, which require increasingly sophisticated and intelligent tools.

    Vmware - Carbon Black will talk about how AI is applied to Threat Intelligence products from a technology perspective, and how it is essential to identify new threats, which otherwise would not be noticed with traditional systems.

    Kirey Group will delve the topic from amethodological point of view, giving its vision on how to implement an well-rounded strategy to face the new challenges.

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