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Bridge Consulting | Kirey Group sponsor at Oracle Coop Day 2022

Kirey Group


    Open Innovation and Digital Transformation: how Data drive Business Strategies

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    Venue: Tenuta di Artimino
    Viale Papa Giovanni XXIII, 1, 59015 Artimino PO
    Date: March, 15th 2022
    09.30 – 16.30


    Bridge Consulting | Kirey Group is sponsor of Oracle Coop Day 2022: we will talk about how to activate innovative projects through the use of technology, in order to become a more digital company where data is increasingly at the center of business strategies.

    The main themes will be:
    • Data mesh for the construction of modern applications;
    • Data management in a secure, user-friendly and fast way through Oracle’s engineered solutions and Cloud infrastructure;
    • the measurement of the Customer Experience within supermarkets;
    • smart optimisation of energy consumption in retail outlets;
    • Enterprise Forecast and end-to-end integration with Business Intelligence Systems.

    It will also highlight the importance of adopting the Hybrid Cloud as the best compromise for the adoption of cloud services, ideal for minimizing investments and having the flexibility to cope with changes.

    Bridge Consulting | Kirey Group: We Value Your Data

    Bridge Consulting | Kirey Group immediately believed in the engineered solutions proposed by Oracle. For this reason, it will be present in the exhibition area to share strategies and success stories in the Retail sector.

    For all companies, but especially for those of the retail world, Enterprise Forecasting and Business Intelligence are among the most important competitive values to maintain the market position, improve corporate governance, monitor strategic KPIs and implement predictive analytics to meet customer needs and internal processes.
    Very important is the proactive monitoring of events, such as promotions and assortments, which allows you to optimize the stock avoiding the out of stock and increasing the margin.

    The main advantages

    • Flexible and customizable solutions
    • Strategic business planning
    • Time-to-market reduction through a standardised and manageable system
    • Centralised monitoring of results through quantitative and qualitative Kpis
    • Saving time and resources through process optimization
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