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Bridge Consulting | Kirey Group Webinar “From Oracle Exadata to Autonomous Database”

Kirey Group


    Bridge Consulting | Kirey Group takes part to the Oracle’s webinar “From Oracle Exadata to Autonomous Database: recipe to succeed in just 3 months

    October 15th, 15.00 – 16.00

    The webinar illustrates the importance of analyzing market and sales data to forecast trends and to help business people in critical decisions.

    Marco Bettini, Bridge Consulting | Kirey Group’s Managing Partner, and Simone Traversari, Bridge Consulting | Kirey Group’s Solution Architect, will present Autonomous Unicoop Reporting Cloud Service (AURCS): a success history of migration from Oracle Exadata to Autonomous Database implemented in Unicoop Firenze.

    Join the webinar to discover how to move from on-premises data warehouse to Autonomous Database in Cloud without impacts in 3 months.

    What are the advantages?

    ⇒ Performance
    ⇒ Scalabilty on-demand
    ⇒ Flexibility
    ⇒ Zero downtime
    ⇒ Faster time-to-market
    ⇒ Compatibility

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