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ESG Reporting: softwares evolve into 360-degree platforms

Kirey Group


    Kirey Group innovates the industry with a tool that can serve both companies that need to report on their sustainability and analysts of sustainable performance. 

    Kirey Group announces the launch of KSustAim, an innovative ESG reporting solution designed to simplify and optimize corporate sustainability reporting, making it a driver for strategic development and the creation of competitive advantages in the marketplace. The tool targets a diverse audience, from SMEs to banks, from PAs to large groups, enabling all types of entities to reap specific benefits from its implementation.  

    Sustainability: regulatory requirement and competitive tool 

    ESG reporting, which concerns the reporting and thus the disclosure of environmental, social and governance information, has become a crucial element for companies of all sectors and sizes. Indeed, while regulatory cogency, particularly with the entry into force of the EU CSRD directive, is already calling European companies to comply with stricter regulations and to transparently communicate their sustainable path, ESG reporting is also becoming increasingly popular as a tool for enhancing one's reputation, attracting responsible investors, and identifying opportunities to boost one's long-term performance. 

    Forecasts for ESG reporting software estimate a CAGR of 19% to 30% over the next five years, with a tipping point right around 2024, when revenues could reach $1 billion1.

    A platform for the entire process of ESG reporting 

    KSustAim is positioned as a comprehensive platform that facilitates the entire ESG reporting process, from the definition of KPIs to the final stages of monitoring and reporting, through a holistic approach that enables different realities to achieve customized objectives.  

    Specifically, KSustAim, aims to: 

    • Automate the collection, management, and analysis of ESG data, reducing the time and resources required for this critical process; 
    • Integrate different ESG frameworks globally, ensuring regulatory compliance and enabling companies to adapt to changing legal requirements; 
    • Identify quickly areas for potential improvement in their ESG performance, promoting a continuous refinement approach toward sustainability; 
    • Finally, effectively communicate necessary data to regulatory bodies and stakeholders, improving transparency and brand trust. 

    The tool allows figures such as SMEs to focus on improving their sustainable practices without having to invest excessive resources and time in data management, but it also enables counterparties such as investors, asset managers, and banking institutions to assess the sustainable risk of their portfolio companies and provide possible advice. In addition, KSustAim allows companies to monitor the ESG “temperature” of their suppliers, ensuring regulatory compliance and identifying potential risks or opportunities for improvement in the supply chain. 

    “We believe KSustAim represents a significant step forward in ESG reporting, offering European companies the tools they need to efficiently and effectively manage their sustainable performance,” says Giorgio Gavioli, Digital Transformation Executive at Kirey Group. “Giving concrete answers on sustainability can no longer be postponed.Through the platform, companies can automate the collection and management of ESG data, compliant by design, and effectively communicate with their stakeholders with accurate and clear data, pursuing transparency and traceability to suppliers and ultimately improving creditworthiness. With KSustAim, we promote the integration of sustainability within various business models.”  

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