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Full Stack Observability of Technology Driving Applications, Kirey Group and Cisco in Nairobi

Kirey Group


    Next July 5 in Nairobi Kirey Group will meet with Cisco Appdynamics for an event dedicated to prospects and customers in the East Africa market.

    If applications are the business, experience is the digital currency and optimization is the profit, all empowered by hybrid landscapes and multi-cloud environments. Organizations are under pressure to modernize their applications to deliver innovative business value leveraging a multi-cloud landscape. However, finding the issues and understanding them in context can be challenging. The day-to-day tasks of putting out fires and searching for root causes eat away at the valuable time that could and should be geared toward innovative and strategic projects.

    In this workshop we will demonstrate how to gain in-depth visibility into the performance of your applications, APIs and dependencies, including hop-by-hop Internet and cloud network path, and step-by-step transaction metrics.

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    Event guests Kentrade and Stanbic Uganda will tell how the FSO approach, implemented by Kirey Group and Appdynamics, is revolutionizing their approach to application observability. 


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