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Kirey Group live at IDC Future of Work

Kirey Group

    Kirey Group, in collaboration with Automation Anywhere, will intervene at the "IDC Future of work, Work transformation changes the business"

    It will be explain how AI technologies and Digital Workforce will be part of the future normality of the labor market. The date is Wednesday, June 17 at 11.10 am.

    In the post-Covid world is not just time for smart working and digital technologies. It is also essential to review production processes and rethink a new way of working to compete in the future new normality.

    This is the theme of "IDC Future of work, Work transformation changes the business", the event organized in streaming by IDC on Wednesday, June 17.

    At 11.10 am Claudio Bottari, Chief Innovation Officer of Kirey Group, and Nicolò Saà, Strategic Alliance Director of Automation Anywhere, will intervene live with the speech "Intelligent Automation and the Future of Work".

    Future of Work means redesigning the way in which the work is done, encouraging collaboration between digital-worker and worker, the acquisition of new skills and the creation of a working environment without limits of space and time.

    This step is crucial not only to increase business agility and operational efficiency, but also to compete in a market where the future normality is entrusted to the use of AI technologies and Digital Workforce.

    How to accelerate innovation of your company?
    Attend the event here.


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