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Improve your Business with the Application Intelligence

Kirey Group


    Kirey Group and CISCO AppDynamics are pleased to invite you to the “Improve your Business with the Application Intelligence”.

    The event will be on October 23, 2019 at Hotel Palace Montemartini, in Rome.

    You will find out how to provide quality services through a proactive approach, the news in the world of monitoring, sharing the Kirey Group approach to the topic and deepening the CISCO AppDynamics solution, leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the seventh consecutive year.

    Most companies today find themselves in a period of great change in the world of IT architectures. Applications are increasingly complex, distributed and heterogeneous: this thanks to the contribution of important technological and process innovations such as the cloud, containers, microservice architectures, etc.

    The new scenario introduces on the one hand greater flexibility and speed of IT in providing answers to the business on the other, implies an important challenge for those whose task is to guarantee reliability and high levels of service.

    Consolidated monitoring tools are no longer sufficient to support the delicate analysis and performance diagnostics activities. Real Intelligence platforms are needed that in real time allow for complete and integrated visibility of the availability and performance of each application. Today it is important to know how users connect to applications, whether they use a smartphone, a tablet or a PC, what their connection speed is, how they use the application and for each of these cases to be able to know exactly the performance recorded by the client up to all the backends used. It is important to know if users who encounter performance problems are performing priority activities rather than no, it is important to evaluate the impact of disservices on users’ abandonment, to identify if there are particularly slow paths to use the application and so on.

    This information is crucial to continuously improve the level of the services provided but not only, they serve to identify the areas of optimization, the categories of unfortunate users, can improve customer care and the service desk services offered to customers, make it possible to assess the impact and the success of marketing campaigns and so on.

    The workshop aims to provide an overview of the issue of Application Intelligence, to share the approach of Kirey Group and CISCO AppDynamics and to provide the possibility of a comparison on real cases.

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