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Bridge Consulting (Kirey Group) sponsor of IT4fashion 2020 in florence

Kirey Group

    Bridge Consulting, Kirey Group company, will sponsor the tenth edition of the IT4Fashion conference

    During the two (December the 2nd and 3rd) days the members from the most important fashion companies will be present to discuss about issues such as Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics.

    It will be an opportunity to point out how the future of companies depends on the adoption and development of innovative processes and products (both software and hardware) related to Industry 4.0, Sustainability and the circular economy.

    Bridge Consulting - Kirey Group will intervene to present a concrete Forecasting project created for an important fashion company.
    Starting from the company's need to have a strategic and effective production planning, Bridge - Kirey Group has implemented BEAM (Big Data Extensible Analytics Machine), the forecasting software that allows you to make predictions based on the data.

    The business benefits have been significant:
    - reduction of costs and forecast times;
    - strategic planning of company activities;
    - explanation, correction and evaluation of forecasts.

    Bridge - Kirey Group has already realized many successful technological solutions for its customers, as has been emphasized several times through series of awards (related to the previous news of the Oracle award).

    The event will be held at the Certosa di Firenze.

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