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Kirey Group announces partnership with Illumio: together to ensure companies new levels of visibility and security Zero Trust

Kirey Group


    Illumio and Kirey Group offers a complete governance in the security field and prevents the spread of violations within any data center and cloud.

    The end-to-end -segmentation technologies of
    Illumio combined with the expertise in the security area and the presence on the market of Kirey Group offers a complete governance in the security field and prevents the spread of violations within any data center and cloud.

    Milan – 15th december 2020– Kirey Group, an innovative provider that helps companies to design their innovation journey, announces the partnership with Illumio, a leader company in end-to-end segmentation. Illumio leads the evolution of the concept of segmentation and Zero Trust security decoupling security segmentation from the network and by bringing segmentation to the endpoint.

    Today ensuring consistent segmentation in organizations is increasingly difficult because the IT world is distributed and computer systems are exposed on the Internet. The speed now required in the application development often goes in contrast with the time required for the organization to prepare the traditional segmentation, obtained by the creation of dedicated IP networks.

    The traditional process of provisioning networking is time-consuming and is no longer able to guarantee the agility needed today for micro-segmentation from the point of view of security.
    That’s why Kirey Group wanted to identify a partner that was able to look to the future of security by smartly enabling the Zero Trust and ensuring greater visibility and analytical skills.

    Thanks to Illumio and its micro-segmentation solution for the data center, Illumio Core, it is possible to ensure applications and systems security independently from the network, using firewalls of existing operating systems. Illumio Core builds an easy-to-read map of the data center or cloud to provide the visibility you need to efficiently and accurately segment your environment.

    Illumio Core’s architecture allows companies to use sensors and application points natively available in the processing environment, eliminating the overload of network redesign and deployment of multiple networks/SDN and data center firewalls to protect micro-perimeters.
    The use of an existing software component does not add complexity. Illumio allows obtaining a micro-segmentation less expensive in terms of cost and more effective from a security point of view.

    Illumio also offers Illumio Edge, an endpoint protection solution that dramatically reduces the risk of ransomware and malware propagating laterally throughout an organization. Illumio Edge uses allow-lists to block any unpermitted peer-to-peer traffic between laptops to stop the spread of ransomware between endpoints.

    Kirey Group has chosen to join forces with Illumio, jointly approaching customers, with a particular focus on the Finance world, thanks to its security expertise and the range of solutions and services aimed at adopting a resilient perspective, which, starting from processes and infrastructure, leads to growing risk culture at all levels of the organization.

    “The combination of network and access rules has slowed the adoption of micro-segmentation, and Illumio has been able to look towards a new direction”

    explains Andrea Mattioli, Business Development Manager at Kirey Group.

    “Any security legislation or best practice requires accurate segmentation of your IT environment. Finance companies, in particular, because of regulatory pressures of compliance requirements, are at the forefront of demonstrating that they can govern their systems. Thanks to the partnership with Illumio we will be able to attend our customers even better in obtaining accurate governance and greater visibility on their systems, guaranteeing them at the same time the security of Zero Trust”.


    "Together, with Kirey Group’s local expertise and relationships, and Illumio’s end-to-end Zero Trust segmentation solutions, we will expand our reach and better serve our customers in the region"

    said Scott Walker, EMEA Channel and Alliances Director at Illumio.

    "We have a channel-first philosophy at Illumio, and this partnership is an important part of our approach. The whole team is looking forward to all that we can accomplish as partners".


    Illumio enables organizations to realize a future without high-profile breaches by preventing the lateral movement of attackers across any organization. Founded on the principle of least privilege in 2013, Illumio provides visibility and segmentation for endpoints, data centers, or clouds. The world’s leading organizations, including Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas, Salesforce, and Oracle NetSuite, trust Illumio to reduce cyber risk.

    Kirey Group

    Kirey Group is an innovative provider of new business efficiency models. Kirey Group rigorously designs projects and supports companies through the Digital Transformation, offering customized solutions, strategic consulting, and a full range of IT services.
    Our approach is rooted in operational excellence, combining a team of experienced IT professionals who can develop the most complex IT solutions, and continuous investments in research and development, leading companies to gain a competitive edge in the market.
    Kirey Group headquarters in Milano, with a significant presence in Italy (Torino, Padova, Roma, Firenze) in Spain, Portugal, delivery centers in Romania, Serbia, Croatia, and Kenya.

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