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Kirey Group at DAMA Italy Annual Convention 2021

Kirey Group


    Kirey Group participates in the DAMA Italy Annual Convention to promote and encourage best practices in the field of Data Management.


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    26th November
     09:00 am - 14:00 am

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    On the occasion of the anniversary of the foundation of the Association, DAMA Italy
    organizes the usual annual event on 26th November.

    This year the theme of the Convention will be "A day in a Data Life" and will address the theme of how data management embraces all the moments of our daily life. A journey in the data of every day, a story of all the moments in which data are central in a typical day. International guests and professionals in the field of Data Management will be present.

    The event will be held in attendance form (limited number of seats at 📍 FICO Eatalyworld srl) or with the possibility of 💻  live streaming.

    Kirey Group’s IQF© methodology

    Thanks to its decades of experience and all its Data Management Specialists, Kirey Group participates in the convention providing its vision and its technological knowledge in the field of Data Governance & Data Quality.

    At 13.00 am Annarosa Giannini, Data Governance Consultant at Kirey Group, will talk about "Data Governance holistic: a framework for the management and enhancement of corporate information assets" to tell how companies need to adopt a solid methodological and technological approach to take care of their data and make them robust and compliant.


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    Most companies, in fact, need the data to make decisions, from the strategic ones to the most operational ones.

    The effectiveness of decisions depends not only on the use of the data, but also on its management in terms of quality, consistency, validity, accessibility and visibility. In fact, data should be used and processed in a certain way in their life cycle and, for the data disclosed, data quality should be guaranteed.

    To consciously respond to these needs, Kirey Group has developed the proprietary method  IQF© - Information Quality Framework for more than 15 years, constantly updating it to meet all the required in-depth, including regulatory. The method in fact:

    • reflects the data life cycle;
    • represents the operator’s strategy;
    • provides guidance on data processing in terms of quality of governance;
    • determines the data governance and possible quality structure;
    • meets different regulations.

    Kirey Group developed the methodology so that it could act as an accelerator in the implementation of Data Governance & Data Quality projects as it believes that Data Governance is the pivotal process among all the processes necessary to deal with the data.

    This vision is in line with that provided by DAMA, which suggests to consider data management as a wheel, or the "Wheel of DAMA": Data Governance is like a hub from which the different areas of knowledge and expertise of data management depart, linking data and business architectures at a strategic level. Data Governance, therefore, does not remain an "IT exercise", but becomes a fundamental pillar for a data-driven business strategy, because it guarantees access and use of data, in a controlled and secure way, by anyone who needs it.

    The IQF method also meets these requirements:

    • suggests metrics in the policy writing phase;
    • supports in issuing operational procedures;
    • suggests a single repository.

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