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Kirey Group at IBM Think Milano: Hybrid Cloud and AI

Kirey Group


    Security and innovation in Hybrid Cloud and AI: this was the core of Teresa Roma's presentation, Business Line Manager of the Information Management area at Kirey Group, during Think Milan, the important annual event organized by IBM dedicated to innovation.

    The panel in which Kirey Group was featured, alongside Generali Italia, was titled "Innovating the mission-critical enterprise core with hybrid cloud and AI" and focused on the analysis and exploration of the most innovative solutions to enhance customer experience through the use of AI-based solutions and accelerating time to market through an ecosystem of partners capable of continuing to meet industry security and compliance requirements.

    "The hybrid cloud plays a crucial role in helping customers successfully tap into AI by providing a flexible and efficient infrastructure that combines the advantages of public and private cloud environments, such as scalability and cost-effectiveness, leveraging on-demand resources and the elasticity of public cloud while maintaining control and security of the private cloud for critical processes and data. At the same time, collaboration and connectivity are also promoted, which are essential for the implementation of successful models," stated Roma.

    "As a company, our goal is to meet the needs of our customers by leveraging the most innovative technologies available on the market to help them address emerging challenges. This means, on one hand, helping them maintain compliance requirements, protect data, and adhere to the highest standards of security and data privacy; on the other hand, it also means enabling them to adopt cutting-edge solutions, such as artificial intelligence. In this regard, the slogan - Security and innovation, united in Hybrid Cloud and AI - that we came up with for Think Milan encapsulates our approach to the topic, emphasizing the need to seamlessly integrate the benefits of each solution to maximize performance and efficiency, always with a focus on security."

    Kirey Group is experimenting with adopting AI technologies within its DG Suite solution, which can be implemented on-premise or in the cloud, depending on customer preferences and contextual requirements. The goal is to develop new features that automatically extract correlations from unstructured data.


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