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Kirey Group signs partnership with Netskope to bring companies the benefits of Secure Access Service Edge

Kirey Group


    With the support of Netskope, Kirey Group strengthens cloud security and offers its customers a comprehensive network architecture to respond more quickly and more effectively to the security needs of the mobility workforce.

    Kirey Group, an innovative provider that helps companies to design their innovation paths, announces the partnership with Netskope, a leading cloud security company whose platform offers business cloud-native solutions for data protection and threat defense in cloud applications.

    Netskope provides real-time data protection and security for accessing cloud services, websites and private apps from everywhere or any device. The partnership is allowing Kirey Group to extend its Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) offering, an integrated approach that enables companies take full advantage of the opportunities provided by the cloud services, which are characterized by a strong technical and functional integration of the technologies normally used.

    By integrating Networking and Network Security, the SASE allows organizations to achieve higher levels of protection by providing security controls for network and connectivity at the edge, I.e. as close as possible to the users.

    As Netskope's recently released Cloud and Threat Report demonstrates, the scalability and complexity of cloud application usage is growing strongly:in the last year the average number of apps used in the company has grown by 20% with more and more instances of both personal and corporate apps, long with the widespread use of apps that have an increasingly "poor" Cloud Confidence Index (CCI). The number of threats targeting cloud applications is also increasing; most of malware is now distributed via cloud applications (63%), which are increasingly exploited to bypass traditional security defenses.

    Companies are faced with increasingly significant risks regarding the protection of corporate data and the need to rethink their security, going beyond a traditional perimeter approach. They should ensure adequate protection of both business information and the information system as a whole, by adopting a single, consistent and standardised approach.

    Discover our SASE model

    The relevance of the SASE approach today is also confirmed by the growing demands for more efficient management of situations that imply a strong mobility of the workforce. In this pandemic year, business resources are shared in increasingly hybrid environments, and there are multiplying problems related to secure access to business applications (on-premises and cloud-based) and Internet resources (especially Web browsing and Saas applications).

    The SASE approach represents a logical and necessary evolution of the current needs of protection, access and reliability in IT and security fields.

    The partnership with Netskope will allow us to make our offer even more complete by adding an important piece to cloud security so that we can cope with the evolution of an increasingly digital and hyper-connected world that sees the attacks evolve becoming more and more.

    explains Andrea Mattioli, BL Security Manager at Kirey Group.

    We are delighted to work with Kirey Group to further extend the benefits of our cloud security to Italian companies, particularly in key sectors such as finance, insurance and retail, proposing an integrated offer like that of Kirey Group.

    Cloud services are becoming increasingly important and they will continue to play a central role in enabling companies' digital transformation.

    Together, we can ensure that this transformation will be safe, fast and reliable. An approach in line with what the same Gartner embodies in the concept of SASE architecture. Last October, Gartner pronounced: "Netskope’s progress in the SASE framework is far ahead of any other Vendor in the CASB and SWG Magic Quadrants".

    comments Alfredo Cusin, Channel Manager at Netskope.



    The Netskope Security Cloud provides unrivaled visibility and real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device. Only Netskope understands the cloud and delivers data-centric security from one of the world’s largest and fastest security networks. Netskope provides the major global companies with an extra power: the right balance between protection and speed needed to make their business agile and secure. Re-imagine your perimeter with Netskope.

    Kirey Group

    Kirey Group is an innovative provider of new business efficiency models.
    Kirey Group rigorously designs projects and supports companies through the Digital Transformation, offering customized solutions, strategic consulting, and a full range of IT services.
    Our approach is rooted in operational excellence, combining a team of experienced IT professionals who can develop the most complex IT solutions, and continuous investments in research and development, leading companies to gain a competitive edge in the market.

    With more than 900 employees, Kirey Group headquarter is in Milano, with a significant presence in Italy (Turin, Padua, Rome, Florence) and worldwide, in Spain, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Albania and Kenya.

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