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Let's fly on Forcepoint One, Kirey Group and Forcepoint exclusive event

Kirey Group


    Security evolution in the Cloud Transformation scenario will be the main theme of a day dedicated to Forcepoint One, the all-in-one security platform, on Feb. 28, 2023, at the Dastyflysim (BG) flight simulator.

    On Feb. 28 at Dastyflysim, Europe's largest flight simulator, Kirey Group and Forcepoint will demonstrate the benefits of adopting the Single-Vendor SASE architectural model and the Forcepoint One platform. Using three use cases, the speakers will show how these solutions simplify security in the evolving Cloud Transformation scenario.

    Cloud Transformation, how the Security scenario is changing

    Cloud Transformation is revolutionizing the management of users, apps and data, while the hybrid working model is now an established reality for many organizations. This complexity is often reflected at the security level as well, if the right tools and protocols are not in place. The Single-Vendor SASE architectural model is the framework - validated by Gartner® - that provides secure and dynamic access to digital enterprises.

    The Forcepoint One platform goes exactly in this direction: a single solution that integrates Zero Trust principles, integrated DLP, secure SD-WAN and an advanced approach to threat protection, for users, apps and devices in both cloud and on-premises.

    In an open discussion with participants, we will discuss this solution and its advantages; afterward, all guests will try their hand at a flight simulation in an F18 Hornet!


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