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Malware, Italy is the most affected country in Europe in 2022

Kirey Group


    In the last quarter, Italy was third in the world for the number of malware, preceded only by Japan and the United States.


    Italy is the European country most affected by malware attacks in 2022, according to a report by Trend Micro, a major partner of Kirey Group in the Cybersecurity area.

    Data presented by the latest Trend Micro Research sees Italy occupying the top step of the podium in the ranking of European countries most affected by malware in April, May, June, July, September, October, November, and December. And in the last quarter of 2022, Italy was third in the world, preceded only by Japan and the United States.

    In total, 247,040,439 pieces of malware affected Italy in 2022. 

    The data is the result of analysis by the Smart Protection Network, Trend Micro's global intelligence network that detects and analyzes threats and constantly updates the online database on cyber incidents to block attacks in real-time with the best technology available on the market. The Smart Protection Network consists of more than 250 million sensors and blocks an average of 65 billion threats per year, with a record 94 billion threats blocked in 2021.


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