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New acquisition: Sibyl joins Kirey Group

Kirey Group


    The combination of advanced technological expertise and joint investment in research and development will enable Kirey Group to expand its offerings, strengthening its presence in the manufacturing industry

    We’re pleased to announce that Sibyl, an innovative SME based in Milan, Lissone, and Catania, in the IT consulting business for more than 20 years, is joining Kirey Group.

    Sibyl began its activity in 2000; in 2004 it became an integrator of systems based on the Oracle E-Business Suite ERP, obtaining the Oracle Partner qualification. In 2009, following the acquisition of an important branch of the industry, it consolidates its expertise and establishes itself as a partner supporting the technological transaction of both large industrial organizations and small and medium-sized companies. In 2017, it assumed its current corporate structure and today has more than 50 professionals engaged in the design of customized and effective "ad-hoc" solutions and applications, capable of enhancing customers' potential.

    Focus on manufacturing and custom solutions

    The new acquisition will enable Kirey Group to expand its offer and extend it to different market sectors, particularly by strengthening its presence in the manufacturing sector in which Sibyl has solid experience.

    The Italian manufacturing field is at an important turning point: the digitization supported by the new Transition 4.0 plan aims to strengthen the rate of innovation in the country's industrial fabric and incentivize investment in cutting-edge technologies, research, development, innovation, and digital and managerial skills. Looking at market data, 2021 sees a marked acceleration in the adoption of cloud services by industrial companies, and even the more traditional manufacturing sector is increasingly adopting as-a-service solutions that can offer the versatility and scalability necessary for business continuity.

    "The collaboration with Sibyl will allow Kirey Group to successfully face new challenges and new areas of intervention, in addition to the great attention and care for the customer and a constant look towards research and development," comments Vittorio Lusvarghi, CEO of Kirey Group.

    Sibyl's offerings in the manufacturing industry draw on sophisticated expertise that has enabled it to implement integrated ERP solutions focused on meeting the needs of ever-changing manufacturing. As an Oracle partner, Sibyl counts several successful implementations of Oracle E-Business Suite, a market-leading product designed especially for medium to large-sized companies, which enables the management of a wide range of management and operational flows and allows for the direct integration of activities related to Industry 4.0 themes. Sibyl's strong experience in integrating systems to support manufacturing activities, such as those related to production scheduling, is complemented by the ability of its professionals to propose "tailored suits", based on custom software development. These two areas, working in synergy, allow Sibyl to provide complete solutions to its customers.

    "Enterprises that control manufacturing production with an integrated system optimize costs, production cycles, and industrial processes. Therefore, it is crucial to develop new digital services that, on the one hand, make these organizations more agile and flexible to market changes and, on the other hand, enable them to create new business models. In order to grow, manufacturing companies are called upon to rethink organizational models, processes, and systems. The consolidated expertise in the manufacturing industry makes Sibyl the ideal partner and the starting point of our synergies," adds Vittorio Lusvarghi, CEO of Kirey Group.

    A win-win synergy

     Kirey Group is a strategic player with solid technical expertise and a deep understanding of customer needs that can offer solutions suited to this scenario of potential for technological innovation and challenges to be faced.

    "Kirey Group will share its systems integration experience and technology approach with strong competencies in governance, data management, security, and implementing solutions. Sibyl will support the Group with its business consulting focused on innovation and both discrete and process manufacturing to identify new specific market areas on which to work in synergy. Our collaboration will allow us to generate additional value for clients and employees, expand the portfolio of certified experts, and bring together investments and resources committed to the research and development of new solutions in the fastest-growing technology areas, such as Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence," concludes Ugo Sinigaglia, Sibyl's Chief Executive Officer.

    The acquisition deal was signed last Oct. 25, thanks to the legal support of Proxima Advisory.

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