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Artificial Intelligence in the bank in Milan

Kirey Group


    The conference entitled “Artificial Intelligence in the Bank” by the ABI Lab Consortium will take place in Milan at the prestigious Banco BPM headquarters on 21 February.

    An intense day of study on one of the most interesting and innovative topics in the banking sector: machine learning, which will be developed through interventions by experts in the field and realities active on these fronts.

    Several topics will be addressed during the day of work: from the analysis of the possible impacts of the AI ​​in the banking sector, to the use of solutions based on AI technologies for service and customer support platforms (such as Virtual Assistants, Robo -Advisors, Chatbot, etc.), up to the verification of the added value brought by the use of Machine Learning, for the management of cybersecurity, as a support to business decisions, but also to the planning of commercial development activities, up to the qualification of the digital transformation of the banking sector, and not only.

    During this last session, in particular, System Evolution, a company of the Kirey Group, will take an active part with an interesting discussion on “Artificial Intelligence at the service of Data Governance: how to determine the relevance of the data”, illustrating to the audience the activities and the results obtained from its own internal Laboratory, with the aim of applying Machine Learning to some Data Governance processes.

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