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Claudio Bottari is the new Chief Innovation Officer of Kirey Group

Kirey Group


    Kirey renews its commitment to putting innovation at the center of the Group

    By setting up a new business unit entirely dedicated to technological research and to internal and external innovation.

    Milan, 17th March 2020 – Kirey Group, an innovative organization that supports companies in their digital transformation journey, announces the appointment of Claudio Bottari as Chief Innovation Officer, entrusting him with responsibility for the new "Innovation" business unit, which will be divided into four areas of expertise: Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, internal and external innovation. 

    In his new role, Bottari will be entrusted with the task of promoting innovation within and outside the Group, creating new advanced research initiatives and strategic partnerships, while Kirey Group continues its growth, combining advanced skills and a strong relationship with customers. 

    Bottari will also be at the forefront alongside the Group's customers to support them in their Digital Transformation initiatives, helping them to proactively anticipate tech-driven market changes and future needs.  

    The commitment to innovation has accompanied Kirey Group since its foundation and remains unchanged, for this reason we have decided to set up a business unit entirely focused on innovation, recognising its value equal to that of other business areas.

    comments Alessandra Girardo, Chief Operating Officer of Kirey Group.

    The appointment we announce today represents a fundamental step in this direction, as Claudio boasts a considerable experience and profound skills gained in technological areas such as Machine Learning. I am sure that in this new role he will be able to quickly grow the business unit and bring consistent value to our Group.

    In his previous assignment, Claudio Bottari was responsible for the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning area of competence of Kubris, Kirey Group's innovation and research center, carrying out together with his team of expert engineers active and strategic projects in the ML field, dealing with the design and implementation of deep learning solutions and supervising Kubris' pre sales activities. 

    I am happy to accept this new role and to be able to further promote evangelization on innovation topics inside and outside the company" adds Bottari. "Today technology allows us to do things we could not even imagine in the past and my job will aim at progressively bringing all this to the core of Kirey, promoting the automation of all the procedures of the Group, the innovation of policies, recruiting and training. While, on the external front, we will increasingly consider interesting scenarios such as open source.

    We know that innovation can hardly be quantified in economic terms and therefore it will be essential to make our customers understand its meaning in terms of ROI", concludes Bottari. "We have built up a considerable experience with customers, we know them, this is and will be our strength.

    Kirey Group

    Kirey Group is a strongly project-oriented organization that supports companies in their digital business journey, offering specific skills in the field of system integration, strategic consultancy, technological innovation, process management and offers a wide range of IT solutions. 

    Kirey Group is based on high professionalism, capability of facing the most complex challenges of the IT market and on significant investments in research and development, to provide companies with a real competitive advantage in their reference market 

    With over 900 employees, Kirey Group has its headquarter in Milan and the operating offices in Turin, Padua, Florence and Rome, as well as a strong presence abroad, in Spain, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Uganda. 

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