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Cloud services in Italy: war between Amazon and Google

Kirey Group


    There is a cloud-wide challenge between Amazon and Google. 

    AWS, the cloud of Jeff Bezos that alone is worth 60% of the operating profits of the group, announced that it will bring its datacenters in Italy. Google is ready to relaunch with an investment of 900 million.

    Analysts around the world agree that the Cloud is a new generation of business technology.
    "It’s the set of big data, social networks and mobility. The new frontier of artificial intelligence is driving growth. Servers are increasingly being built for these Cloud giants" (Gartner).

    The cloud giants have accepted the challenge.

    Amazon vs. Google

    Amazon is the undisputed leader in this sector. It was the first to move in this area, introducing in 2006 his product Cloud Amazon Web Services and inventing the term Infrastructure as a service. Since then the company founded by Jeff Bezos is in continuous evolution: it announced the opening of an Aws region in Italy (reaching the share of 19 countries in the world) with at least 900 thousand servers and being ready to hire 1,600 people by the end of 2020. Almost a miracle in times of pandemic.

    Google appeared in the cloud market only a year later, in 2007, but it introduced a service that could be called Platform as a Service. Microsoft launched its Azure in 2008 with a similar goal. Amazon’s service, however, became increasingly a standard for start-ups. So Google started over the years to offer more services related to storage and computing power and about a couple of years ago brought all these services together in Google Cloud Platform.

    Google responds with its strategy: speed of networks, more competitive prices and artificial intelligence. The company, moreover, has always been user-oriented and is able to easily perceive the requests of users.

    Who will win?

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