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Digital Workforce: a must for recovery and Business Continuity

Kirey Group


    In 2020, a robot is  a real digital worker who supports to plan the recovery and to ensure the Business Continuity

    At this particular time when workers have been imposed traffic limits, the robotization of business processes through AI and RPA technologies is a crucial strategic tool.

    Companies must increasingly become aware that the robot is not a physical automaton, but a real digital worker who supports the human resource in the most repetitive processes integrating perfectly into business processes.

    To date, digital workforce can be extended to 80% of business processes, resulting in a considerable economic return (typically generates an ROI of 5:1); but there are also other benefits to consider.

    The benefits are measurable in terms of productivity and improvement of delivery times; quality, as the error is reduced to 0% at equal output; scalability, in the face of high peak volumes; savings, as a robot costs about a third of an off-FTEshore and a fifth of an in-house FTE; speed of execution time, since a robot can perform the work of 5FTE, working 24 x 7x 365h/year; compatibility, because it uses the same systems and complies with company policies.
    Therefore, it is extremely important for all companies to undertake this path to plan for recovery and ensure Business Continuity.

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