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Kirey Group and IP Fabric sponsor Richmond's Cyber Resilience Forum

Kirey Group

    Kirey Group is a sponsor of the Richmond’s Cyber Resilience Forum: one of the largest annual gatherings on Cyber Security involving individuals and companies.

    16th – 17th May 2022
    Rimini Grand Hotel

    During the event there will be lectures, workshops and interactive seminars interspersed with important networking moments. The event is a meeting point between the demand and the offer of products, services, solutions, and projects that involve the IT and technological decision makers of Italian companies.

    Kirey Group, in collaboration with IP Fabric, will be present during the two days to meet CISOs, CIROs, CPOs, IT managers, and Security managers from companies in different sectors to share needs, experiences, challenges and build an effective dialogue in favor of Network & Security Assurance.

    Network Governance: Automate and Simplify Processes with IP Fabric

    Kirey Group and IP Fabric offer a comprehensive and reliable network model to audit, visualize and document network infrastructure in minutes by integrating network assurance, governance, and security expertise.

    Through automated discovery, it is possible to represent an accurate and reliable snapshot of the network at any given time, which is critical not only from a monitoring perspective, but also from a network observation and assessment perspective, to achieve accuracy and governance within the organization.

    Discover more 👉 Network & Security Assurance: how to face network complexity and support digital transformation



    Kirey Group leads companies in the digital transformation process, offering specific competences in the field of system integration, strategic consulting, and technological innovation. Kirey Group is based on high-profile professionals able to face the most complex challenges of the IT market and on significant investments in research and development.

    With more than 780 employees, Kirey Group is headquartered in Milan and has offices in Turin, Padua, Florence and Rome, as well as a significant presence abroad, in Spain, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Croatia and Kenya.   

    IP Fabric: Automated Network Assurance Platform

    IP Fabric is an automated Network Assurance platform that - regardless of vendor - performs holistic discovery, verification, visualization, and documentation of enterprise networks, reducing the associated costs and resources required to manage them while improving security and efficiency.

    IP Fabric supports the efforts of Engineering and Operations teams, supporting migration and transformation projects. IP Fabric revolutionizes the Network Governance and Assurance approach, focusing on security, automation, multi-cloud networking and troubleshooting. 


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