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Kirey Group is Gold Partner of Infoblox

Kirey Group


    Kirey Group received the award as Gold Partner from  Infoblox for its know-how and experience in Security and Infrastructure.

    The collaboration between Kirey Group and Infoblox began in 2013, with Piemme Sistemi, a Kirey Group company.
    The American company, whichl
    eads the way to Next Level Networking and Cloud-Native solutions, awarded Kirey Group for its know-how and experience in Security and Infrastructure, increased and consolidated also thanks to this partnership.
    An important recognition obtained thanks to the constant updating of the vast Infoblox suite through seminars, courses and certifications.

    A strategic partnership for Security and Infrastructure

    The Covid scenario and the increasing adoption of Cloud, Iot and work from home services force organizations to rethink how to access business applications.
    Now more than ever, business applications are deployed across multiple sites, from customer datacenters to software-as-a-service (Saas) and infrastructure-as-a-service (Iaas) clouds.

    In this context of increasing network complexity, all organizations require specialized solutions that simplify and optimize the management of DNS, DHCP and IP addresses, the critical network services collectively known as DDI, which makes all network interactions possible.

    Managing DDI intelligently through on-premises, virtual and cloud infrastructure has become increasingly complex.

    Thanks to the partnership with Infoblox, Kirey Group has installed and managed services provided on the Infoblox platform in leading international companies in the Automotive, Insurance, and Finance sectors allowing companies to obtain:

    network icon arancio advanced automation, process standardization and integration with existing security tools to reduce the time and cost of responding to threats;
    cloud arancio

    automation of the Cloud to have the visibility of network resources on a single panel, to centrally and automatically manage network services on virtualization platforms, orchestration and automation tools and to move at the speed of the cloud reducing complexity, improving agility, reliability and efficiency and eliminating silos between network and security;

    cyber icon arancio automation of DNS security events to reduce detection and remediation times of cyber incidents by maximizing the ROI of the entire cybersecurity ecosystem.


    Our certifications

    The main certifications that Kirey Group obtained are:

    • B1TD - Bloxone Threat Defense: enabling to implement and manage security features in Infoblox infrastructures, with particular focus on vertical DNS;
    • CDCA - Core DDI Configuration and Administration;
    • CDAT - Core DDI Advanced Troubleshooting.

    Infoblox products proposed and implemented by customers for the Core Network Services area are:

    • DDI (DNS, DHCP and IPAM) for the management of the services needed in the infrastructure,
    • Network Insight and Netmri for the discovery of the devices in the network
    • Reporting & Analytics for all reporting.

    For the Security area, the key components required for DNS security, both authoritative and recursive, are ADP, Threat Insight and Threat Analystics, also having the ability to manage the advanced system of DNSSEC. Infoblox’s security offering is also complemented by threat intelligence tools such as TIDE, Dossier and Indicator, always up-to-date and at the forefront of threat prevention.

    Our offering

    • Ordinary management of the evolution of Grid Infoblox;
    • Verification of the synchronization of DHCP information at international level;
    • Verification of the correctness of the information entered in the Grid Infoblox;
    • On-prem or hybrid DNS infrastructure setup/migration;
    • Implementation of DNS security, and assistance with tuning various settings and adjustments;
    • Assessment of the security standing of authoritative and/or recursive DNS services;
    • Management of the Network Insight component for discovery functions;
    • Management of relations with Infoblox and its Support Service (TAC).

    In addition, the service provided by Kirey Group is organized to manage the systems of the Infoblox suite remotely and to be able to intervene on site in case of hardware problems.

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