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The use of smartphone can be measured with AI technologies

Kirey Group


    In the book Claudio Bottari, Chief Innovation Officer of Kirey Group, explains how to analyze the use of the smartphone thanks to AI technologies

    The book “Algoritmi per l’Intelligenza Artificiale” was published.  There is an entire chapter edited by Claudio Bottari, Chief Innovation Officer of Kirey Group.

    The book is about the design of algorithm, data processing, Neural Network, Deep Learning. It addresses those who have understood the importance of artificial intelligence to develop their business.

    In Chapter 20, “Analisi utilizzo dello smartphone”, Claudio explains how to understand the use of the smartphone thanks to Artificial Intelligence applied to Iot sensor data.

    I talk about the use case regarding the analysis of the sensors of a mobile phone in order to understand the behavior of the user. In particular, it is shown how you can successfully apply the techniques of image detection with data that do not represent images

    says Claudio.

    Deep Learning model of this type, properly trained, is able to determine the means of locomotion and the actions of the phone user using information from sensors. This way you can indicate if the user is using the smartphone while driving.

    I would also like to thank the entire Machine Learning team of Kirey Group, and in particular Michela Sessi and Riccardo Sayn, who contributed to the drafting of the project”

    Claudio ends, underlining once again the value of collaboration in achieving objectives.

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