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Every Business is a Software Business: Vittoria Assicurazioni success case presented in Milan

Kirey Group


    Last week in Milan, in partnership with OpenText, we hosted an event dedicated to the importance of Quality Assurance and the latest AI applications in the sector, with the valuable testimony of Vittoria Assicurazioni.

    Modern business performance depends on the reliability and performance of applications, prompting enterprises to chase even more aggressively the need to reduce the number and duration of their digital disruptions as much as possible.

    Based on this assumption, Kirey Group, Vittoria Assicurazioni and OpenText held on Thursday, June 6, in Milan, the event “AI & Quality Assurance,” aimed at exploring the evolution of Quality Assurance, from the traditional approach to the new potential generated by the application of Artificial Intelligence in the area of functional and performance testing.

    Software developers spend most of their time in so-called “war rooms” solving application performance problems that also reflect at the business level, marring the day-to-day and taking time away from innovation.

    Therefore, Quality Assurance, which focuses on defining and implementing processes to ensure overall product quality, today is inextricably linked to the implementation of a true Test Factory, focused on executing tests to detect and correct specific defects in software, but not only.

    "By managing Testing and Observability activities with a synergistic approach, even better results can be achieved, especially in the performance area. Performance Testing, by deploying advanced skills on the Observability side, allows to identify and analyze in a much more in-depth way any critical issues before release to production; while dealing with Observability, by deploying advanced skills on the Testing side, allows to perform safely and effectively fine-tune on performance issues detected in the production environment,” said Stefano Bertolin, Senior Manager, Observability & Quality Assurance at Kirey Group.

    Exemplary in this perspective is the case study of Vittoria Assicurazioni, which by following this holistic view and using a combination of Waterfall (for software development) and Agile (for planning) methodologies with the support of Kirey Group and OpenText, has achieved extraordinary results, such as a continuous increase in software quality and resilience, a consistent reduction of bugs in production, and a marked increase in the number of tests validated monthly.

    As for AI, which is experiencing a real moment of hype in the QA industry, possible applications that can accelerate business by intervening on the classic limitations associated with manual tasks are beginning to become clear. This will automate routine processes and tasks, reducing the risk of human error and freeing up space for more value-added activities.

    “As every business goes digital, linking the reliability and performance of  applications to business outcomes is natural,” Bertolin concluded. “The priority for the future will be to make sure that everyone involved in the release process can work together efficiently and effectively, taking full advantage of the possibilities provided by artificial intelligence.”


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