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Cloud as a fundamental tool for Business Continuity

Kirey Group


    From smart working to the growth of e-commerce, lockdown has brought out a double aspect of Cloud.

    On one hand, as a real need for companies to migrate data to digital platforms; on the other, as a business opportunity for the big tech industry.

    It is no longer just a storage need. Companies all over the world, large and small, in any sector, must have a digital infrastructure through which to convey their data to ensure Business Continuity. This means moving from a traditional system, where information responds to hierarchical logic, responsibilities are centralised and decision-making and operational roles remain clearly separated, to an agile, streamlined, transversal and deconstructed model where business units are replaced by value chains.

    This need was reinforced by the Covid-19 emergency, during which huge data flows of individuals and companies must be exchanged in Cloud, due to a number of factors such as reduced mobility of goods and people; smart working; the growth of e-commerce with the consequent necessity to manage orders, deliveries, flows, communications.

    To understand the growth in demand for cloud services just look at the data: it went from 196.7 billion dollars in 2018 to 227.8 in 2019. A rise that goes beyond the brightest prospects of Gartner himself, who had predicted a rise of 266.4 billion for 2020, 308.5 billion for 2021 and 254.6 billion dollars for 2022. Canalys reports that in the first quarter of this year, investments in cloud services recorded a 34% growth compared to the same quarter of 2019 driven in particular by the demand for solutions to implement telework, online collaboration, consumer care and e-commerce.

    Kirey Group is able to exploit the new Cloud-native paradigms, microservice architectures and serverless to identify the tools and solutions that companies need in the Cloud world, supporting companies in all phases of the project and identifying the best services and architecture for every need.

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