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Innovation, resilience and flexibility: the new formula for enterprises

Kirey Group

    The health emergency has accelerated digitalisation, rewriting the rules of competition between companies

    We are not only talking about the use of innovative technologies, but also about the strategy for the future.

    One of the legacies of this pandemic is digital innovation. Entire sectors have been blocked, others have worked half-service and new needs have emerged. Without digital tools, from the simplest video call platforms to the most complex software for Industry 4.0, it would have been harder to resist.

    Companies that were already equipped have suffered less this situation not ordinary, allowing smart working, continuity of activities, access to data, the protection of essential services to their employees.

    What was most surprising was the rapidity in the development of innovations. Many companies have been able to convert and update their technologies in a few days to face the emergency, developing projects, products and services with launch times unthinkable until some time ago. And this is perhaps the most evident testimony of how innovation can make a difference not only in ordinary circumstances, but also and above all in extraordinary ones.

    Innovation, resilience and flexibility today are even more important factors that will determine winners and losers of the future. The digital evolution of companies must be in terms of:

    • mature digital technologies such as mobile and cloud;
    • emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning.

    Kirey Group has the technological and process expertise required in the main areas of digital innovation.

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