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CPX 2019 Kirey is sponsor

Kirey Group


    CPX 2019 Kirey is sponsor

    Kirey Group | IKS Security Division is a sponsor of the Check Point Experience which will be held in...

    30 September 2019

    The VII edition of the Venice AppSec Conference is underway

    Kirey Group | IKS Security Division will also this year be Platinum sponsor of the IKS event. The VI...

    18 September 2019

    In Dark Web to counter threats

    The intelligence activity of Kirey Group allows to integrate important information for the cybersecu...

    9 August 2019

    Banks and Security 2019: Kirey Group protagonist for the sixth consecutive edition

    A consolidated appointment with Banks and Security, of which also this year Kirey Group is confirmed...

    16 May 2019

    Threat Intelligence & Cloud Security: the new approach

    IKS and Check Point are pleased to invite you to the "Threat Intelligence & Cloud Security Event...

    18 September 2018

    IKS is sponsor of the Check Point Experience

    IKS, a Kirey Group company, is sponsor of the Check Point Experience to be held in Milan on October ...

    10 September 2018

    VI Venice AppSec Conference: IKS is sponsor platinum

    The VI Venice AppSec Conference, organized by ISACA VENICE Chapter, will be held on October 5th at t...

    10 September 2018

    FakeApp: the new bug of the most popular messaging platform

    The researchers at Check Point Software Technologies, of which KS - Kirey Group has been a historica...

    31 August 2018

    Evolution of malware attacks on mobile channel

    Engineered malwares and toolkit available even for non-expert fraudsters that can affect our mobile ...

    7 June 2018

    IKS - Kirey Group is Check Point 4 Stars Partner

    IKS - Kirey Group has officially become 4 Stars Partner of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. an...

    3 June 2018