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Data Governance and Data Quality: key factors for country’s recovery

Kirey Group


    Data Governance and Data Quality: key factors for country’s recovery

    Public Administration is another sector that will necessarily have to invest in Data Quality to comp...

    8 March 2021

    Kirey Group announces partnership with Illumio: together to ensure companies new levels of visibility and security Zero Trust

    Illumio and Kirey Group offers a complete governance in the security field and prevents the spread o...

    18 December 2020

    Devops adoption: never so topical

    In this period business demands rapidity in response time.

    18 November 2020

    Towards the new age of automation: the advent of the Digital Workforce

    Digital Workforce improves production, ensures continuous operation, performs complex tasks and redu...

    27 July 2020

    Claudio Bottari is the new Chief Innovation Officer of Kirey Group

    Kirey renews its commitment to putting innovation at the center of the Group By setting up a new bus...

    17 March 2020

    Kirey Group 44th in the top 100 software and IT services of IDC

    Also this year, Kirey Group entered the Top 100 ranking drawn up by IDC Italia, and published by Dat...

    27 November 2019

    Because observability is the key to understand business performance

    The size and distributed nature of the data, the speed of action and the continuous intelligence bri...

    31 October 2019

    Because the Dark Web is no longer just a threat

    Today, cyber threats increasingly come from the Dark Web. By Giampiero Moscato, Partner and BDM – Ki...

    8 October 2019

    The long road of GDPR: lights and shadows one year after its entry into force

    May 25, 2018 is a date that we will not easily forget: the entry into force of the GDPR, a major cha...

    29 August 2019

    Big Data and Analytics: the data assets

    The new trends in analytics focus on faster processing and quality of the result The new trends in a...

    22 August 2019