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Cloud services in Italy: war between Amazon and Google

Kirey Group


    Cloud services in Italy: war between Amazon and Google

    There is a cloud-wide challenge between Amazon and Google. AWS, the cloud of Jeff Bezos that alone i...

    30 July 2020

    Innovation, resilience and flexibility: the new formula for enterprises

    The health emergency has accelerated digitalisation, rewriting the rules of competition between comp...

    23 July 2020

    Cloud as a fundamental tool for Business Continuity

    From smart working to the growth of e-commerce, lockdown has brought out a double aspect of Cloud. O...

    7 July 2020

    Optical data centers for more efficient online services

    Thanks to a new technique that synchronizes computer clocks in less than a billionth of a second The...

    30 June 2020

    Bridge Consulting | Kirey Group is Oracle partner of the year for Exadata

    Bridge Consulting | Kirey Group, leader in IT services, was awarded by Oracle as Partner of the year...

    5 February 2020

    28 november, Florence: MySQL Enterprise Edition: Features & Insight

    Bridge Consulting and Oracle are pleased to invite you to the “MySQL Enterprise Edition: Features &a...

    13 November 2019

    Modern Cloud Day Oracle: Bridge Consulting is sponsor

    The Oracle Italia event will be held on November 5th in Milan, an annual event dedicated to Cloud te...

    29 October 2019

    Bridge Consulting awarded as Oracle Partner of the year

    Bridge, a Kirey Group company, receives the award from Oracle as an innovative partner specializing ...

    22 February 2019

    Bridge Consulting protagonist at the Oracle EMEA Hackathons

    The Oracle EMEA Hackathons event, a unique contest dedicated to the Oracle world, ended yesterday in...

    1 February 2019

    Evolution goes through the cloud

    The process of migration to the cloud is proving to be not only an intelligent and far-sighted choic...

    13 September 2018